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Wizzy Search never communicates or interacts with potential clients. Instead, we ask your law firm to fill out a questionnaire of what type of lead you are searching for.

By utilizing our research process, our live researchers use modern-day online marketing technologies to generate a list of names and contact information of potential clients that meet the criteria set forth by your law firm.

We provide you a secure link to view findings matching your criteria.

It is up to your law firm to decide to send formal solicitations to your target audience or hire Wizzy search to handle the marketing. We offer a fixed flat fee per month for campaigns or fixed flat rate per search.

We can help you find your target audience for Antitrust, Class Actions, Discrimination, Employment, Mass Arbitration, Mass Tort and Wrongful Termination Nationwide!


Wizzy Research

Our research marketing is strategically focused on only your target audience characteristics, unlike the 90% of ads that target people based on their age and geographic location. We cultivate organic lists nationwide based on keywords to find those REAL PEOPLE to establish your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our goal is to understand and define your niche market with a specific message.


Wizzy Marketing & Analytics

Our direct mail and email campaigns use personalized long copy infomercial written by the principal attorney to solicit prospective clients because people like being educated, and they respond positively to transparent and educational ads. 

For those who are not as active and engaged on social media, well-drafted letters sent to them can deliver exceptional results. 

Every campaign you run is trackable. You can see metrics such as clicks, open email rates, QR scans, and more. Wizzy search can easily track a campaign's ROI and other indicators to see if it drives valuable results for your law firm. 


Ethical Attorney Advertisement 

Wizzy search does not engage in referral of prospective clients to lawyers. We comply with relevant laws and Attorney responsibilities in all 50 states. 

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