Wizzy search

is a pure lead generation and legal marketing company and is passionate about creating targeted niche campaigns and partnering with attorneys who are proponents to the plaintiff.


Targeted Searches

Wizzy search produces leads through its proprietary search algorithms based on criteria given by the law firm. Our live researchers then cross check and analyze the findings to ensure that information is accurate.

Niche Campaigns 

Our marketing team will help you design a campaign to not only draw your audience to you but to help your audience understand your "brand," your level of "expertise," your core message. We will help you design and distribute your newsletter. What makes us unique is our targeted campaigns. Our direct mail and email outreach will deliver your newsletter to your audience, thus building a bridge to your niche market.

Ethical Attorney Advertisement 

In all 50 states, we comply with relevant laws and Attorney responsibilities. For example, in California, we comply with [Rule 7.3 Solicitation of Clients] and [Formal Opinion 10-457 C].

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